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I know what you're thinking: "This thing is gonna get dirty". And that's why we're gonna slap you with some science: Silicone's chemically robust silicon backbone reduces its potential as a food source for germs. What does it mean? Germs are miniature carbon-based life forms and they need a comfy home to live in. Turns out silicone is like my mother-in-law's house. Nothing survives.

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A Pynch in every Gryp

We've integrated our Pynch feature into every Gryp. Simply insert the tab through the reverse side of the oval and allow the flap to extend outward. Press your thumb to fold it over and manipulate small objects. 

But Mom...

Don't "But Mom" me... Door handles, subway straps, bus poles and other commonly touched surfaces are known breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses. Hands are warm and covered in sweat... the perfect home for germs. After touching a bathroom door handle or riding public transportation, people touch their mouths. Simple tasks like sneezing or coughing can bring whatever was on that door knob right to your lips. Hand sanitizer works but it usually smells funny and leaves hands feeling off. The Gryp reduces contact with public surfaces and decreases exposure to germs. Now eat your broccoli.

Will Germs Stick to the Silicone?

Wait for it...

Silicone is highly inert and does not react with most substances

making it nearly impossible for anything to stick to it

The medical, baby care and food industry have all adopted silicone for this reason

Wanna hear some fancy science?

Silicone's lack of a carbon backbone drastically reduces it's potential as a food source for waterborne germs

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How do you get banned from Sea World?

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